Eminem might be synonymous with hip-hop/pop culture today, but in 1999, he was merely an ascendant icon who hadn’t been around long enough for literally everyone to know who he was. So it shouldn’t be too surprising, then, that rock star Tony Iommi, a member of Black Sabbath, wasn’t aware of Slim Shady when he was recording his solo album, Iommi, 17 years ago. It turns out, that might have been the only reason Em didn’t end up on the project.

According to the folks at Loudwire, Ryan J. Downey sat down with Iommi for an interview at the Musicians Institute on Monday (Oct. 23) and revealed that Shady had actually requested to be on Iommi, but because the rocker didn’t know who Em was at the time, the collaboration never happened.

What makes the story more interesting is just how feasible an Em-Tony Iommi collab actually was. It turns out, Em’s fellow Detroit superstar Kid Rock had actually collaborated with Iommi for the project, but the song didn’t end up making the final cut. Also, his band Black Sabbath had once collaborated with Ice-T for a song called “Illusion of Power.” So yeah, an Eminem collab could have very well been in play.

In 2010, when Eminem dropped his hard-hitting Recovery, the album included a song “Going Through Changes” which sampled Black Sabbath’s “Changes.” Looks like Eminem is huge fan of the band. Listen to both tracks below:

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