New Xbox One Features Include Do Not Disturb Function And More

The Xbox One X

With 2018 officially off the ground, Microsoft has announced upcoming updates to the Xbox One that should make a lot of folks happy, including enhanced Achievement details and the ability to enjoy your games, movies, etc. without fear of being interrupted.

Over on the Xbox One blog, the team has offered some news on the next update rolling out to Xbox One, which will be available for all Xbox Insiders for a testing period over the coming weeks. As noted by the post, this update primarily focuses on Achievement functionality and how players communicate across consoles.

The update should actually be live as of this writing for all Xbox Insiders enrolled in the Alpha ring. One of the first new features many players will likely tool around with is the “Do not disturb” option, which we’re kind of baffled nobody has thought of up to this point. Many of the features within “do not disturb” are available separately, but it’s nice to see everything rolled into a single on/off switch for the first time. In short, it allows you to “suppress notifications” while simultaneously notifying your friends that you aren’t available to hang out for the time being. Planning on playing a tense round of PUBG or Call of Duty but don’t want to be bombarded with invites or Achievement notifications? Simply hit the “do not disturb” button and you’ll be left the hell alone.

Another nifty new addition is the “Next Achievements” feature, which will let you quickly look at a cross-game sampling of the Achievements you’re closest to, well, achieving. If you aren’t sure what you want to play but this feature shows you’re just around the corner from popping three ‘Chievos in or Gears of War, that’s probably a good place to start.

Another upcoming addition is the Mini Game Hubs option implementation directly from the Guide. If you want the latest info on games you’ve been playing recently, this will allow you to get to that information more quickly. The community feed is also being tweaked, allowing for better control of what comments you see and when.

Another fun and unexpected twist will be the ability to put your themes on a schedule. If you want the console to switch between light and dark themes based on the time of day, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that.

According to the update, a subset of testers will also see a selection of unnamed features they can take for a test spin. The purpose here is to gather feedback and gauge interest in seeing those features become part of a future console update.

So, if you’ve got an Xbox One and are part of the alpha circle, go ahead and boot up your console and get to testing out the new features listed above.