Weight loss, acne-free skin +5 things that happen when you stop eating sugar!

  • Things that happen when you stop eating refined sugarThe refined sugar in condiments, soda, processed foods and desserts can have a lot of side effects on your health and eliminating sugar from your diet can have more benefits than you know. If you haven’t cut down on sugar already, Dr Sanjoy Ghosh gives you reasons that will have you give up on sugar today.
  • You will lose weightYou will lose weight: By trading the candy for a handful of almonds, you will also lose a lot of extra kilos. In fact, by eliminating refined sugar from your diet, you can drop around 4kg in 5 to 6 months.
  • You will boost y our heart healthYou will boost your heart health: Excess sugar raises insulin levels which in turn increases your blood pressure and heart rate. Your risk of suffering from heart disease will reduce by many folds once you give up on sugar.
  • You will have an acne-free skinYou will have acne-free skin: High blood sugar levels can damage your body’s tissue and at the same time trigger an inflammatory response. Excessive sugar intake can lead to acne so by eliminating refined sugar from your diet you will get fewer breakouts.
  • You will be less susceptible to coldYou will be less susceptible to cold: Excessive intake of sugar can weaken your immune system, and eliminating sugar can help promote the right bacteria in your gut which in turn can boost your immune system. You will be surprised to notice that you are less susceptible to suffer from cold once you cut sugar from your diet.
  • You will stay more energeticYou will stay more energetic: Sugar can throw your metabolic hormones out of whack. So once you stop eating sugar, you will notice a substantial increase in your energy levels. You might just notice that you are always motivated to run even after work.
  • You will prevent diabetesYou will prevent diabetes: Here’s one more reason you have to swap that sugary dessert or candy for a handful of nuts. Eating added sugar can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes by promoting the buildup of fatty acids in your liver.
  • You will have a proper sleep cycleYou will have a proper sleep cycle: High intake of sugar can lead to a mid-day sluggishness and an aching need for sleep. Eliminating sugar can help you keep more alert and awake during the day so that you can catch some great sleep in the night.

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